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If you're here maybe you have a look? (:


To begin with, hi there, everyone. Haven't written anything for soooo loooong. Anyways, now I'm here because I found the opportunity to write the story about dA (which celebrates its 14th birthday and myself rather... amusing.

So well. I've been here for almost 6 years, and that's not my first account (my first one's name consisted of only numbers and I don't think that I remember it). However, I decided to change it a bit later and then I made this one. Its username used to be DarthSaren for quite a while, but then it started to bother me and I changed it to the one I have.

I come here... not that often. Sometimes I come and do a lot of things like uploading, commenting, giving, participating and so on and so forth, and sometimes I simply don't visit dA for like several mounths. Don't know why. Just bacause... I want?

/btw, I finally got 400+ watchers. Thank you all, no matter for what and why you watch me, I really appreciate it./

So. Time for some sharing stuff!

Raining-collab- by GhostOfChristmasLost

Oh hell. One of the first uploads (the very first one was even more crappy and now it's in scraps). And yeah. Back in the time when I did it, I didn't understand what does the word "collab" mean.

The Fog by GhostOfChristmasLost

Then. Some "Redwall" stuff. I used to like it all for quite a while, but now I feel even awkward for that. Maybe that's because some events strongly connected with all of that which happened a bit later, maybe because of some different things. However, each and every time I see someone faving/commeting/etc. any of this, I feel... I mentioned, how. Still, it's not the fault of those who do it - they couldn't possibly know. What's more, I don't want to remove it. Somehow.

Lost. by GhostOfChristmasLost

One of the first attepts to change something. There were some more, but I don't think that they worth any attention. Anyway, I still use him as my main character.

The Dawn by GhostOfChristmasLost

And a ponie! =) Yup, I like them - they're cute and nice to draw.

Prophet by GhostOfChristmasLost

Yeeeeees, this one! The one which has most favourites in my whole entire gallery. Still can't understand, how come. Btw, now I want to try to redraw it and see whether my drawing skills improved much. Or not.

agony. by GhostOfChristmasLost

Let's go on. The Holders stuff I do from time to time. I really like some of these tales, and this one is one of my most favourite.

Collab: War Goddess by GhostOfChristmasLost

After all this time - an actual collab! Me and :iconrykey2345: don't work together that often, but each and every time we do, I absolutely enjoy it. Thanks!

A pwnie :3 by GhostOfChristmasLost
And, to end it with something, - a pony again! An alicorn pony with three horns. This little (very little) ponies stuff. I like drawing them like... every time I can!

So well. I guess that's all. Happy b-day to dA once again, good luck to any of you, and so one, and so forth. I love you all. No, really.


GhostOfChristmasLost has started a donation pool!
1,010 / 10,000

Well... if it comes like people started to even BEG me for points, I'll make the situation a bit more clear.
I'm not a point donor. I never was and, I think, will never be. I can't create points from nowhere - as you may see, no one's going to take comissions so I try to earn them in any other way I even can. Also I can'n just buy them, 'cause there are some problems with my card. So I'm even much more poor than you.
But if I give you some points you shouldn't think that I want something particulary from you. If you give me something in return, I'll be really glad. Also I don't really care to whom and what exact amount I donated. Because I do it RANDOMLY!!111 =D

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Taneli the Tyrant
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I just had to rewrite it. Because... I don't even know x)

Lost. Chris. Or Chris Lost. Who cares.

Draw just whatever comes to my mind. Digitally, most of the times. Don't care much about improving my skills. Maybe because I'm a bit lazy for that, or maybe because I don't have much time for all that. Irl I'm a language student.

Draw whatever attracts my attention. Do really enjoy the Holders Series (these "creepy stories", yes). Sometimes I even try to write my own ones.

Give llamas and points randomly, whenever I want it. Feel free to ask for any of them, I honestly won't mind. But please, please, please don't thank me for this and that for million times. You're always welcome, but sometimes I don't know how to reply for tons of similar messages or comments x)

One little thing that makes me really mad: my birthday is actually on April, 11th, not December, 13th. Don't ask why did I put the wrong date (in 2008, when I put it, I was young and silly). So, plz, forget about December, 13th. I'll get offended if you don't.

Some of my plz accounts: :iconaaylasecuraplz:, :iconbibfortunaplz:, :iconshialaplz:, :iconmartinthewarriorplz:, :iconredwall-martinlaplz:, :iconbadranglaplz:, :iconclunylaplz:, :iconcheesethieflaplz: :iconredwallplz:

PS: yeah-yeah, my nickname's sorta referrence to "A Christmas Carol".

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